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Located in centre of Berau, the Bumi Segah Hotel is a perfect location to exciting tourist attractions; Derawan Archipelago, Dayak villages and rainforest walks. For those traveling on business, a fully equipped meeting room is available with a coordinator to assist with all the important
details, including catering.

Enjoy free Wi-Fi

We believe that when a hotel advertises free WiFi, they should provide travelers with a fast and reliable connection. 

Concierge service

Top-tier hotels have a lot to recommend them: luxurious spas, twice-daily room service and superb on-site restaurants.

Pool access

Hotel has pool room, in particular, hotels based in big cities might require keycard access to get into the pool. Spa, and amenity access.


The Bumi Segah Hotel is renowned for its signature restaurant in Berau, Azure, which offered Western and Asian cuisines.


At Bumi Segah Hotel, our professional team is made to assist with all aspect of your events. From small scale corporate meeting to large-scale events, our team is always on hand to ensure that your events run smoothly and successfully.


Escape to the relaxed setting of The Spa at Hotel Bumu Segah and treat yourself to pampering head to toe treatments at our award-winning spa.


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