Everything right where you need it.

The Bumi Segah Hotel is renowned for its signature restaurant in Berau named Azure Restaurant, which offered Western and Asian cuisines. And also Perupuk Restaurant at 11th floor with stylish and contemporary design which provides a Segah River view.

Located at the original building of Bumi Segah Hotel, Coffee Corner will be your perfect meeting spot to unwind with Berau’s favourite coffee.


The perfect place to sit back and relax with a drink in hand. Our all day coffee corner is a great spot to enjoy a range of tasty sandwiches, sweets, and coffees.


Azure Restaurant is located on the ground floor. Offering a tantalizing selection of Asian dishes. Our extensive menu provides Asian flavors from authentic soup recipes to seafood.


Located on the 11th floor with stunning views of the Segah River, Perupuk Restaurant is the best place to spend your quality time with family or colleague.

Bumi Segah Hotel offers contemporary styled rooms, an outdoor pool and a restaurant with Segah River view.